Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Imminent Move

The gears are set in motion. My bloggeringerage is preparing for a move to journalspace. I know, I promised not to go to the Dark Side, but with Allana having 800 readers and me 34, you can't argue the numbers. The new site is, but don't expect anything big (or at all) for a few days. Until then...

I bid you good surfing!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ah, the arts...

This has been an odd weekend... more like an odd week... let's just say an odd timespan. I have had a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and several telling several-in-a-lifetime experiences, all having to do with girls. Well, Allana has her Matt, what's my draw? As for the once-in-a-lifetime (great song, by the way) experience, on friday night, I got to see Sir Paul McCartney in concert. I was there, and it was amazing. He was very real, chatting with the audience, sharing anecdotes, and generally being a magical English bloke. He played old songs, new songs, and I'm listening to his new record right now. His concert carried a very magical aura, the kind you get when you read C.S. Lewis or Tolkien. A truly incredible experience in all senses of the word. I'm still getting over it.
Tonight, though, I went to my friends play at SHS (Springfield High School, my current alma mater) for the second time. Now it, like my play (occuring the 8th, 9th, and 10th of December), occurs in the Black Box Theatre. Sounds like a Nazi torture device, doesn't it? Well, it's a nice, small, intimate theatre, the maximum number of people being about 75. You want to know how many were there tonight?
Madre de dios!
Now I, like my fellow cast members, am officially scared. It was good! I was expecting a student directed, high school theatre production. Boy was I surprised. SHS has a good reputation for a good reason. So come to my play, and see how I live up to the reputation.
I'm doomed.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

You're the man now, dog!

Muhahaha... my plan to get free advertising from Allana's blog is set into motion. Soon, a portion of those 600 readers will be mine!

I recently came across a website,, and this website contains someof the funniest stuff on the web. You know what that means....


If you're a wimp...

And finally, the dumbest of them all...

Remember to give the pages time to load the images and music. I hope this gave you an insight into my sense of humor and took a few minutes out of your pathetic, sad life.

I bid you good surfing!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

My Grandpa.

Crisman. The name may not mean much to you, but mention it to any conspiracy buffs and you will get the rant of your life. Mention that you know the grandson of the man in question and he might actually start hyperventilating. You see, I, Alec Crisman, am the grandson of Fred Lee Crisman Sr.

You don't seem impressed.

Alright, my fault, I forgot you know nothing about this. So here's what you do. Google the name "Fred Crisman" and look around some of the sites. I'll even give you the name so you don't have to type it. Fred Crisman. Go ahead and look, I can wait.

Freaky, huh?

Now you may be wondering what out of that information to believe. Well, here is what I know for sure. My grandfather never held a steady job, he was a radio show host in Tacoma under the name of John Gold, he was one of the few people the local gypsies trusted, he was the first one Clay Shaw (the only person ever tried for the JFK assasination) called after Clay was arrested, and he was called to testify in the Garrison investigation, the only public investigation into the JFK assasination. Two and two make four. What four means, however, is yet to be figured out.

This had affected my life very little, as Grandpa died before I was born. Neither my grandmother (his ex-wife) or my father knew or know much about his activities, although my father traveled with him to New Orleans when he testified. Also, he made occasional visits to Washington D.C., on which my dad would sometimes come. He was a decorated air fighting pilot of World War Two and the Korean War, being awarded the Distinguished Fly Cross, the highest award in the air force, twice. Also, he had the weirdest sense of humor this side of the Atlantic. He was often known to hold his shaking index finger, and when asked why, he would respond "Coooooooold... finger!" Also, during a family visit to the Grand Canyon, he jumped in just to scare the crap out of my grandmother (there was a ledge, there was a ledge). Eventually, my grandparents divorced, but my grandmother never remarried. When asked why, she always responds "After your grandfather, most other men seemed boring."

That's my grandpa.

Monday, September 19, 2005

The... Royal Navy?

How Britains navy has fallen.

Boredom on the Ocean. wmv

And we wonder why they lost the Revolutionary War.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

High School; Oasis... or living hell?

My first three days of high school have been put to bed, and I am definitely the worse for wear. Like it says in my profile, I worshipped an outsiders view of high school. Once you're inside, it's just more of the same. One major change is that I am now the bottom of the heap once again. Freshman are refered to as pond scum and regarded as such. Oh well.
High school has become the new front in my ongoing war against my own nerdiness. The lack of glasses is doing wonders, I think I may have caught a few stares from some girls. Of course, a mind can convince itself of anything. Also, another problem becomes the finding of friends. Being freshmen, we only have our middle school cliques, and most of those have been fractured in one way or another. When one changes one's image, one finds oneself rather aimless (I like ones), and trying to find a socially acceptable place to hang out has become a daily struggle. The cold hard fact is that I am better at the academic part of school than the social parts. I suppose that is the thing to be best at, because it is, after all, high school. This article wasn't all that funny, so I'll close with an interesting story:

P.E. class. Seventh period. I'm ready to go. I'm dressed down, in the gym, getting ready for some serious, state-sponsored physical activity. And what am I treated to?

50 minutes of talking.

And this guy is a droner. Here I am, in my required gym shorts, and I'm getting a lecture on classroom expectations. And this guy loves to hear himself talk. So I do the only possible thing to do.
I take a nap.
I'm lying on the gym floor, arms out, on my back, being droned into a peaceful wonderland... until the bell comes screeching through. I spasm awake and immediatly begin coughing up all the saliva I just inhaled. So that was fun.

The Bottom Line:
High school is four years out of 100. Get over yourself.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Jumble Caper

To explain the name change, I was bored with the original, and this was the best I could think of. It sounds cool, and it was based on "caper". Also, this blog is quite the jumbled caper. So there ya go. Expect a new title when I think of a better one.

uBeR hAxOrZ 1337!!11!!

I apologize if the title of this post looks like my keyboard exploded, but it actually means something. Allow me to decode:
uber=super in German
haxorz=slang for hacker
1337=slang for Leet, in which the letters have been replaced by numbers
Leet=short for elite

Therefore, we can deduce the meaning of this blog's title to mean "I am a very good hacker." And he must be, for reading that is like trying to understand programmers code. But I digress. The subject of my rant is Leetspeak, the trend of internet slang that has grown like a well-aged fungus. It includes such tripe as the title, acronyms ad nauseum, and random misspellings. You see, I am the son of an english teacher, and personally, I get sick of seeing my e-mails filled with this garbage, only slightly easier than reading Cryllic. Is it really so hard to spell out Y-O-U? Are you always laughing out loud, or are you just lying? ROTFLMAO? WTF!?!?! A wombat takes on a whole new meaning on the interweb. Rules were made to be broken, but languages weren't. Translate this and then talk to me about jo0r pwnzor h4[<2.

"skilled r0x0rt looking for a team pgm only high lvl, pv me"